Food has always played a very important role in my life. Growing up with my father being one of the best chefs in Cape Town, I was constantly introduced to foreign cuisines, always fed delicious meals and continuously inspired by exciting flavors and food preparation. I found my own passion and love for cooking a few years ago and since then, my kitchen has become my place of absolute joy.

When I discovered the art of baking, there was no turning back. I fell in love with preparing and creating baked goods, as well as finding my passion for food photography and food styling. I created my then online bakery Bake. because I got the excuse to cook all day and design new recipes, as well as have the opportunity to share them with you. Now, due to an exciting turn in my life- which you can read on about later- I have transformed the online bakery into a delicious recipe & food blog.

As much as I love sweet treats (and just food in general), I also try to live a life dedicated to being healthy, fresh, positive and balanced. I am always looking for a new eatery that offers healthy menu choices, as well as inspiring food & wellness bloggers who share the same mindset. I also love brands. And foodies. Like, who doesn’t? You can read all about my latest inspirations, product obsessions and culinary experiences here. Keep a look out for some healthy eating ideas & recipes, too!

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