Through the grace of the Almighty, the love and support of my dearest family, friends and avid followers ,I was motivated to start my culinary journey having had a passion for good food from a young age.

It all started with the holidays spent in Nani ma’s kitchen as a young girl learning the basics about cooking and ever since then ,a passion grew for creating good food in a very presentable way.

However, that passion intensified when I later got married and had my own kitchen to experiment in, my very own food lab.

Having my own space to experiment in really helped me going forward in my culinary journey as I could do things according to how I wanted to. It has also taught me that there is no right or wrong way of doing things,as every cook is unique in their own special way and that every cook has their own special touch which they add to the dish.
I hope to inspire as well as learn from all you fellow MasterChefs

Happy Cooking and many “Bites of Yummy ”
Maseeha Salajee

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