Cooking is something that has always come easily to me, whether I follow a recipe or simply wing it! I have a palette that needs constant change, one that’s always looking for adventurous food, that something new… and a serious addiction to anything food related, blogs, recipe books, writing recipes, creating them or eating good food. I love tasting cuisines from all over the world… Chinese, Indian, Mexican, American…you name it, if it sounds good I want to try! My err…”taste” for adventure has led me to be a rather experimental culinary…cooking, baking, beauty DIY, basically anything that involves me getting into the pantry and emerging with an armful of supplies somewhat the mad scientist in a lab called the kitchen.


I am always looking out for ingenious recipes… by my definition quick, simple recipes that turn out amazing. Once they have been tried and tested they become a staple in my cookbook. If there’s a variation I like the sound of, I am sooo trying it. If there isn’t, I am happy to create one How else will I learn what it is that makes my inner kid scream in delight?! How else will I grow in foodie knowledge and how else will I pass on what I learn?

I am passionate about food, photography, design, foodstyling and this blog filled with recipes that work for a busy anybody…and I wish you would join me on my foodie journey. Keep an open mind and a free spirit, have a big heart, love food, live life, always look at the positive…the glass is always half-full, no matter what…hopefully half-full of hot chocolate with marshmallows and sprinkles…see the food addiction?

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