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Feriel Sonday was born in the bustling and vibey District Six in the mid-1960s, the eldest of four children. Cooking and food formed a large part of her upbringing and as the eldest she often assisted her mom to cook and bake for the large family that included two grandmothers, aunts and an array of friends and extended family that often arrived unannounced always knowing there was food to feed them. The heart of the Sonday household was the kitchen, where the most delicious foods were created, often a splendid fusion of Indian, Malay and traditional South African culinary delights.

At an early age, Feriel’s natural creative flair and passion for the culinary arts was evident and it included her appreciation for beautiful table settings, crockery, cutlery and presenting food in appealing and creative ways. It was then no surprise that Feriel thrived in the Home Economics classroom, excelling and grounding herself in the subject. After matric, she completed a two-year course in fashion design. She would fall in love and get married at age 23 to Suleiman Noordien and devoted herself to starting a family. Of course, she continued to cook the most wonderful foods and treats. In the early nineties she was inspired by the Mexican foreign film Like Water for Chocolate that showed the magical powers of cooking and the connection between food and feeling – she decided then and there to start her own business from home and it all started with selling her now famous ‘light as soufflé’ chocolate cakes.

Feriel has since become a popular name on social media pages like Facebook, where she posts daily on her recipe page ‘Heavenly Bites’ a range of recipes with pictures of the dishes that she has prepared. Her ever-growing fanbase of followers has seen her profile connect with over 40 800 members on this site alone. Always keeping family first, she continues to surprise them with the most delectable dishes for her husband and four kids, son in law, three grandchildren and extended family and friends.

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