Homemade by Manal Massoud

Being brought up in a Syrian and Palestinian background, I was introduced to different cuisines at a very young age in a family that had a great passion for excellent food. Spending most of my life in Lebanon, and later marrying a Lebanese, only expanded my love for food from all around the world.

I learnt how to cook gradually. Over the years, I’ve been collecting cookbooks and watching cooking shows that have allowed me to slowly polish my skills in international and local dishes. Chef Antoine was the first chef I enjoyed following and watching his shows. Throughout the years, I’ve had Anahid Donikian, Nigella Lawson, Manal El Alam, Houreyya Zannoun, Mary Berry, Martha Stewart and many other great chefs as muses. It was great meeting some of them, and I hope to meet many more.

My greatest joy in life are my four children, who are the judges of my good (and sometimes bad) recipes. They motivate me to try new recipes daily. Each has a particular lifestyle and needs, and I try to accommodate that.

I always say when baking follow the recipe, but when cooking, follow your heart.

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