Hi, my name is Nuha Taliep and I am 8 years old….almost 9 (can’t wait)! My mom says I am more like 16 years old, terrible tween she calls it. I like to think I am wise beyond my years!

Mom is always busy in the kitchen, cooking and baking up a storm – whether it is for a party or simply because she is in the mood. She does not always like us “under her feet” in the kitchen and always very cautious when it comes to sharp utensils or hot ovens and stove-tops when we are around.

But, with me being relentless and oh-so eager to get into the kitchen, I would nag until she gives in – I know how to get my way with Mom. Since I went to the Kids Cooking Club I have also proven to her that I can be more responsible in the kitchen around hot and sharp utensils. I am now given some time in the kitchen to experiment with what I can find in the cupboards and fridge – lucky for me, my little brother, Amir has no problem being my taste-tester. If he listens to me, I allow him to help me at times, especially with the cleaning up after.

My biggest inspiration for cooking and baking came after I first watched MasterChef Junior with Gordon Ramsay. My all-time favourite Junior Chef was Addison Smith, who was the first female to win the MasterChef Junior title – she was an absolute force to be reckoned with and so entertaining. I loved watching her in action during the competition.

So, with my mom & Addison in my corner, I share with you some of my kitchen favourites and experiments. Hope you enjoy making them as much as I did.

Have fun in the kitchen & make sure to have a little helper to do your cleaning – in my case my little brother, Thanks Amir!

Nuha Taliep's favourited recipes


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