Shanaaz Parker served for 7 years as the Head of Department at the Athlone Technical College before founding her own Academy. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts and had written and compiled numerous cooking syllabi, recipe features and has since authored 3 cookbooks, namely, Fusion, East Meets West and Indulge.

She is well known as a vibrant and informative radio food presenter and is highly recognized as a food judge and stylist.

She has also contributed to various establishments of government-sponsored culinary learning centres in the interest of skills development. She is a founding member of the Gifted Hadj: The Timeless Journey campaign, which supports deserving Muslims to undertake the pilgrimage to Makkah.

Shanaaz Parker is a culinary genius who adds just about the right amount of warmth to any creation.

Shanaaz Parker's recipes


Image Name Ratings Difficulty
Swedish Tea Ring
Garlic Parsley Rolls
Raisin Bread
Mini Loaves
Cinnamon Bread
Farmhouse Floured Topped Bread
Herbed Bread
Ginger Honey Lamb
Peppercorn Chicken Pasta
Chicken Bow tie Pasta
Chicken Tagliatelle
Thai Sweet & Sour Seafood Dish
Grilled Tandoori Chicken
Spinach Triangle
Potato Chilli Bites
Potato Koeksister
Buttermilk Bollas
Chilli Bites
Garlic Pastry
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chicken Jalfrezi (jalfarajee)
Mixed Berry Compote with Ice Cream
Chicken, Mushroom and Peppadew Palmiers
Creamy Tuna Swiss Roll
Clam, Prawn and Tuna Cakes with Honey Dip
Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes
Spicy Chicken & Spinach Soup
Pasta Alfredo
Pure Butter Scones
Topdeck Truffles
Oven-Baked, Crumbed Garlic Chicken
Creamy Thai Green Curry
Roasted Whole Chicken with Whole Cloves of Garlic
Creamy Butter Chicken
Roasted Masala Chicken
Dry Masala Chicken Curry
Chicken with Apricot, Cashews and Hot Baby Spuds
Stir-Fried Vegetables with Oriental Chicken Fillet
Chicken Mama Mia
Crispy Chicken Fillet Fingers
Beetroot Salad
Crunchy Ginger Green Salad
Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom Individual Lasagne Rolls
Green Herb, Pistachio & Coconut Rice
Cashew, Chickpea & Egg Curry
Grilled Salmon with Chilli-Orange Butter Sauce
Grilled Tropical Fruit Pancakes With Honey-Lemon Sauce
Trio of Cheese Nutty Triangle Pancakes
Almond, Peppadew & Ricotta Koftas
Tuna Breyani
Tulip Baskets Filled with Chicken & Sundried Tomatoes
Tuna Savoury Puffs
Prawn Mussel and Tuna Lasagne
Wicked Chocolate Pancakes with Strawberries
Honeyed Peri-Peri Prawns
Teriyaki, Steak Vol-Au-Vents
Cheesy Chicken Kiev
Chicken and Mushroom all-in-one Omelette
Chickpea, Ricotta and Sprout Rissoles
Spicy Moroccan Oven-Baked Samoosas
Orange and Pineapple-Flavoured Fried Bananas
Pecan and Sundried Tomato Tartlets
Creamy Chicken Horns
Chicken, Corn and Sundried Tomato Pastries
Chilli Lamb Koftas with Hummus Dip
Spicy Sesame Fish Bites
Three-Herb and Blue Cheese Cigars
Wholewheat Margherita Pizza
Phyllo Pillows with Potato and Shrimps
Seafood Bhajias with Garlic-Chilli Mayonnaise

Shanaaz Parker's favourited recipes


Image Name Ratings Difficulty

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