I started baking in my early teens and my unequivocal love for it, led me start my food business. However, after 8-10 hours of cooking / baking for my clients everyday, led me to come up with interesting, healthy, quick and easy recipes for my family. Be it a popsicle or a baked treat or a casserole, it has to be nourishing without any compromise on the taste and the more colourful, the better !:)

My parents have been my most compelling influence. Both of them cooked everyday (still do) from scratch, replicating recipes from their travels, restaurants and their own families. From them, I learnt to eat local and seasonal foods and to embrace all cuisines.
I was fortunate to live in Russia and USA, where I was blessed to have access to incredible recipe books, food shows and also ingredients. As
my interest in food has grown, so has my responsibility to eat well, real foods for my family as well as my clients and now my readers as well.

My food blog represents my strong food philosophy – to eat a fresh, well balanced, nourishing foods. My endeavor is to involve families in the kitchen so everyone learns to cook and appreciate food.

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