Hello, my name is Majid Ali. I am a home cook, recipe developer, food photographer, and food stylist.

My adventure began 9 years ago when I had a slice of banana bread at work from a client that was simply irresistible.I started to fuel my passion by reading cookbooks, watching food channels on YouTube, and practicing at home.

And there i was, beginning this journey of testing new recipes and giving them a middle eastern twist. Slowly, with a newly adapted hobby of food photography, the door to food blogging was officially open.
My work has been published in renowned food portals like Thooq magazine, Alalali, and Lurpak. With guest appearances on fatafeat channel. You can find my work on YouTube too.

Food has suddenly become part of my personality & life. Food is not an ingredient on a plate, it is food for the soul, and a way to connect with your family & friends.

I hope you enjoy the recipes you see here, and you are free to you make your own version of it.Share the joy of food with your family and friends. Spread the love

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