Raspberry Cheesecake

Pretty in Pink Raspberry Cheesecake makes for a beautiful centrepiece on any party table and at any ocassion. It has a delicious crunchy base, rich and creamy filling with the tart undertones of the raspberry. Love!

Chocolate Cheesecake Pavlova

Slice and serve! This pavlova is honestly my new favourite dessert. Enjoy because I promise you it won’t last long!

Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake

This cheesecake is really simple to make but needs to be prepare a few hours in advance. Or save yourself some time and make it a day before – the flavour actually improves if left to set overnight.

Mini Nutella Oreo Cheesecakes

An Oreo base, creamy Nutella cheesecake filling, and a decadent Nutella glaze to finish.

Oreo Cheesecake Cups

The no bake Oreo cheesecake in individual cups is absolutely delicious & definitely a keeper. The whipped cream and cream cheese filling is light and creamy with little bites of crushed Oreo biscuit.

Dried Mint Labneh Cheesecake

This isn’t the kind of cheesecake you’d top with sprinkles, maraschino cherries, and birthday candles—it’s more for your Wuthering Heights book club, or coffee with your best friends. You know, grown-up stuff.

Honey Yogurt Cheesecake

The subtle sweetness of honey blended amazingly with the cheesecake mixture of yogurt and ricotta cheese.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

A dessert for all occasions! Passion fruit no bake cheesecake made with low fat creamy Lancewood cream cheese, quick and easy to prepare and enjoyed in no time.

Fig & Lemon Vanilla Raw Vegan Cheesecake

A pretty summer dessert to be had at any party or just because. If you’re not a fruit kind of person adding in some fresh dates for a caramel flavour or cocoa powder for chocolate layer would be perfect as well.


My go to cheesecake recipe, also my DH fave. This has been his birthday cake request for the past few years. Reminds me of the New York cheesecake from @theplazafoodhallnyc a must have for us when visiting The Big Apple.

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake

Try this delicious Suganon Baked Blueberry Cheesecake recipe. Suganon is a range of great tasting sugar alternatives to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Sour Cream Cheesecake

The sour cream adds a delicious edge to the otherwise normal cheesecake. I totally loved how it paired with the tangy lemon curd and made it a lovely 360 degree dessert.

No Bake Cheesecake

The prettiest dessert to come out of my Kitchen so far, possibly the most delicious with all shop bought ingredients! (cringing over here) !

Oreo Cheesecake

This cheesecake is so rich and creamy it’s a must have at dinner parties.

Baklava Cheesecake

A yummy dish that makes for a great dessert for Eid or any special occasion.


This tropical fruit cheesecake is the perfect dessert for a dinner party. It’s fruity taste is just sublime!


This delectable mini milk tarts are the perfect sweet treats to make when hosting a dinner party.


The combination of the dark chocolate, citrus zest and almonds makes this dessert rich and dark…it’s just heavenly.


This Summer Berry Swirl Cheesecake is perfect for any day of the year.

Bar One Cheesecake

Happiness is coffee and cheesecake. This recipe looks so long but trust me it’s worth it.

Basic Fridge Cheesecake

These mini fridge cheesecakes are yummy and perfect for bridal or baby showers.

Hazelnut and a bit of everything Cheesecake

What makes this recipe unique is the flavour the vanilla pods bring to this classic recipe.


Losing weight is a constant battle that you have to fight for the rest of your life. I’m a lover not a fighter and I love cheesecake.

No-bake Cheesecake

It is light and creamy. It is not overly sweet and it is guaranteed to set in one hour!­­ Best news is this a dump everything into one bowl type dessert and once served looks like you spent days preparing it.

Baked Cheesecake with Fresh Berries, Thyme & Mint

This dessert is an oldie but such a goodie! Touch wood, but I seldom experience any of those notorious cheesecake cracks with this method.

Raspberry Cheesecake

 This Raspberry Cheesecake recipe comes together quickly and can be made ahead of time. The combination of berries and cream is a delicious treat.

Berry Cheesecake

The berry season is here! And I am celebrating with a crazy easy and delicious berry cheesecake! Who doesn’t love berries! So this cake is super simple to make, and really, just try it out, you can’t get it wrong with this one!

South African Cheesecake

I was hosting a friend’s baby shower and she asked me for a traditional South African cheesecake.–The cream cheese filling was already whirring away in the stand mixer, so I left it beating a lot longer than I usually do.

Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

This is the best baked chocolate cheesecake recipe…ever! Have a look at the ingredients and you’ll know that this is decadent and yes quite pricey, so definitely reserve it for a special occasion.

Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

When making cheesecakes, I usually opt for the classic refrigerated version and therefore decided to attempt a baked vanilla cheesecake.

Feriel Sonday’s Crustless Baked Cheesecake

Cheesecake is always a winner at any function and this one is especially easy to make. Enjoy !

Mini Mango Cheesecakes

These mini cheesecakes are best served chilled…it’s the perfect summer treat! Make these before the mango season is over!

Lotus Cheesecake

A cheesecake topped with toffee popcorn, crushed biscuit and pecan nuts finished with a drizzle of caramelised sauce.

Caramel & Coconut Cheesecake

This decadent cheesecake is so simple to prepare with a handful of ingredients and a few steps makes this a joy to bake.

No-Bake Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

This cheesecake is a real treat if you’re a chocolate orange fan. It’s a classic combination that never goes out of fashion!

Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

This is probably the easiest Cheesecake recipe that you will come across on the web and if you love Lotus Biscoff like I do, I guarantee you will enjoy every bite.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Some say it’s the most delicious cheesecake of them all. Once thing is for sure…this blueberry cheesecake will go down well with whoever you serve it to.

Baked Cheesecake with Mulberry Compote

I don’t eat cheesecakes, but this cheesecake tasted really good!! Though I made some slight changes in the recipe, it’s the measurements that I changed.

Biscoff Cheesecake Tiramisu

This Biscoff Cheesecake Tiramisu is a revelation to the say the least!

Rainbow-Lavender Cheesecake

Are you looking for the perfect vegan and raw cheesecake? Than this is for you! The cheesecake is without cashewnuts and even not frozen! Sounds good? It is really fantastic!

Raw Mango-Chocolate Cheesecake

So, mango and chocolate, how does it sounds? Good? I am happy if you like the combination, because here is the PERFECT RAW-VEGAN CHEESECAKE recipe for you to try out!

Rose-Cardamom Infused White Chocolate Cheesecake

The best part about this cheesecake is the addition of rose water and ground cardamom to the cheese layer. The flavors are so simple and yet rich and creamy.

Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake

A creamy, silky, incredibly decadent, rich cheesecake with a buttery biscuit base, nutella cream cheese filling and a ferrero chocolate ganache. Ridiculously easy!

Mini Lemon and Ginger Cheesecakes

I could probably make these smooth and creamy cheesecakes in my sleep. They are one of our all time favourite desserts at home, and always a hit with guests.

Mango Cheese Cake

This is the easiest, yummiest cheesecake ever. Of course, the problem with no effort is that you want to make it all the time!

Blueberry Vegan Cheesecake

Blueberry Vegan Cheesecake is perfect dessert to treat your love ones with healthy way. This no bake Blueberry Vegan Cheesecake has no egg, no dairy product, no sugar, no flour, vegan, gluten free and paleo too, but still taste delicious.

Tiramisu Cheesecake

This Tiramisu Cheesecake is so beautiful you would think it’s hard to make but it’s really easy. It’s perfect for a birthday party or bridal and baby showers!

Feriel Sonday’s No Bake Lemon Cheese Cake

The ideal dessert to serve when hosting your guests at tea time. A cheesecake that’s Zesty and delightfully smooth.

No Bake Coconut & Vanilla Cheesecake

Cheesecake no longer has to be seen as the sweet sinful dessert we all know it to be, with Thistlewood ingredients it is an absolute treat for the more healthy conscious person to indulge as well.

No-Bake Lime and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

This no-bake lime and vanilla bean cheesecake is the perfect solace in the extreme summer heat and as food is best enjoyed with friends.

Rose and Cardamom Cheesecake

Looking for something delectable yet full of goodness…this rose and cardamom cheesecake will hit all the right spots.

Labneh & Pistachio Cheesecake

Luscious Labneh! A dessert straight from the heavens – rich and delicious to taste and beautifully topped with bright slivered pistachios. Go on, try it!