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Basic Shortcrust Pastry

The secrets to good pastry – make sure your butter and water are ice cold, and don’t overwork the pastry – stop mixing as soon as it comes together. As simple as that!


Bibimbap is a Korean dish of rice, vegetables and a spicy sauce. A protein like mince is added as well as a fried or raw egg. Everything is assembled in a bowl and mixed through before eating.

Spicy Opened Egg Sandwich

Breakfast is so important & having the usual fried eggs tend to become a bit boring on the menu. These spicy eggs are so yum, it’s a perfect way to start any day

Breakfast Lentil Skillet

This meal is hearty, healthy and a creative way to eat more protein in your diet.

Croque Madame with Chicken

Croque Madame is originated in French Cafe the version of the dish topped with a fried egg. This is a simple Cheese sandwich with luscious chicken filling and topped with gooey white sauce and a fried egg.

Anda (Egg) Paratha

An omelette stuffed in a layered flat bread. It’s an easy protein rich filled dish that is ideal to have for breakfast or even brunch.

Egg and Cheese Dip with Vegetable Sticks

This delicious, healthy and versatile dip also makes an outstanding sandwich filling, or topping for bruschetta to serve with drinks.

Braised ‘Gesmoorde’ Egg

This is a quick, easy and budget friendly meal. Served with toast or rye bread or simply enjoy on it’s own. I usually make this for breakfast and lunch.

Egg Bhurji

Egg Bhurji is something I remember from my childhood. It’s a cool way for breaking kids into Indian food.

Sunshine Toast

Sunshine toast (eggs in a pocket) is a fan favourite. Easy to make and delicious especially when making it for the kids.

Cashew, Chickpea & Egg Curry

A vegetarian feast. Made up of cashew, chickpea and egg. The textures from the different ingredients make this curry a feast for vegetarian.

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