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Chicken Akhni

Akhni is a rice dish made with potato and a chicken curry sauce and in this recipe, Maya shows us how easy it is to get this dish done all in one pot and in very little time.

Mince Masoor Biryani

I can cook the food of the world but I love to cook the food that I grew up with the best.

Korean Sesame, Chili and Honey Glazed Chicken with Fried Rice

Korean chicken is a palette sensation of sweet, spicy and sticky. Combinations of sesame, tomato, chili and honey make you drool for more and more. A vegetable packed rice seasoned accordingly is the perfect go together meal.

Batata Mehshiyeh

A complete meal with potato,meat and rice!This will be a perfect party pleaser for those who love Middle eastern flavors.

Vegetable Biriyani

A comfort food that most of us adore equally may be the great BIRIYANI! Hehe! This is my first biriyani post on the blog. Yes i have some rice recipes but biriyani for the first time.

Korean Beef and Broccoli

The beauty of this recipe is it can be prepared and cooked in under 30 minutes. It has simple ingredients, and it taste GREAT!

Aloo Matar Ki Tehri (Potato & Peas Pulao)

A traditional style of making Potato and Peas Pulao with few spices but with loads of flavors ideal to be served with any curry.

Creamy Chicken Korma

This deliciously creamy dish is wholesome and a great family meal that everyone can enjoy.

Chicken Rice (A Fusion of Arabic & Indian)

Arabic and Indian! For both cuisines I have special place in my heart or belly! I think almost everyone like Arabic and Indian dishes! Arabic dishes may not be that spicy or masaledar but rich and well known in their flavors!

Fish Rice

This is such a flavorful rice with fried and boiled fish served on top. For this rice we all prefer the boiled fish more than fried one.

Peppery Jorenq Rice Parcels

And here is it. Rice behind the Scene! At first glance everyone assumed it to be a cake! Many guessed it as ghee cake or savory cake and it was fun! A great experience it was!

Green Chicken Rice

This rice is so flavorful with minimal ingredients. It’s spicy one pot dish with all the heat coming from the green chilies. Here the chicken chunks are marinated and fried in a spicy green paste and then the masala and rice is cooked in the same pot.

Carrot & Palak Rice

This rice is very simple to prepare with the power packed veggies carrots and spinach! Just saute everything in a pot with mild spices, stir in the rice and pour boiled water. Simmer and boil it tada, your rice is ready!

Healthy Chicken Rice

This is a simple, quick and easy rice dish that will have your family stuffing their faces at the table.

Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biriyani

Hyderabadi Biriyani is one of the most popular biriyani dishes throughout India! The perfectly cooked basmati rice is coated with the aromatic and delicious masala which is slow cooked on dum in which all the flavors are tightly packed in itself.

Lahsuni Methi Pulao (Garlic And Fenugreek Rice)

Flavored rice infused with garlic and aromatic fresh fenugreek making it an ideal main course to be served with a nice gravy of your choice.

Kabseh (Middle Eastern Rice Dish)

This right here is one of my favorite Middle Eastern rice dishes. I love the taste of the aromatic spices that goes into it. It is also so simple to make. Yes every person may have their own way of making it. This is my mama’s way and we all love it.

Persian Meatballs with Saffron Rice

Boneless chicken pieces marinated with aromatic saffron, yogurt, and onion, grilled to perfection making it tender and succulent Persian kababs.

Thalassery Biriyani (Mutton)

Thalasserry is not only famous for it’s biriyani but also has tons and tons of recipes and snacks that will blow your mind! We are famous for our foods!

One-Pot Chicken Orzo Pasta

Is this a pasta or rice? Yes, orzo is a rice-shaped pasta which looks very much like rice! This can be served as a meal, as a salad or as an accompaniment to soup. This pasta is a one pot meal which is creamy and delicious with all the flavors packed in one dish.

Roasted Chicken

A dish best served for Sunday lunch and any other special family occasions.


Bibimbap is a Korean dish of rice, vegetables and a spicy sauce. A protein like mince is added as well as a fried or raw egg. Everything is assembled in a bowl and mixed through before eating.

Pasta Rice Salad

This pasta salad makes a quick and healthy meal. A delicious salad for anytime of the day.

Meghli (Karawyeh) – Spiced Rice Pudding

This is the kind of dessert that you either love or hate. I know many who adore it because of it’s warm spices. Then there are others who can’t be bothered. It’s not traditionally a sweet dessert but I dress it up with honey to add more sweetness.

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