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Vanilla Cashew Bliss Balls

They’re so soft and chewy and even better when refrigerated. Loaded with fiber, natural sugars, protein, and healthy fats. What is not to love.

Motichoor Ladoo

Motichoor Ladoo is a popular sweet across India. It is often made for festivals. Motichoor Ladoo is made from fine boondi where the balls are tiny and is cooked with ghee or oil.

Fafra (Sweet & Hot Puris)

One bite of these will get you wanting for some more…the best! Crispy puri sprinkled with a sugary hot mix.

Orange blossom Semolina/Sojee

This is served as a dessert, but I do think it would make a lovely sweet starter for a Friday lunch ?

Mandarin Pancakes

To make perfectly round pancakes, you can trim them with a 12cm cookie cutter after rolling them out. These can be refrigerated for 2 days or frozen for 2 months.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken with tender chicken cubes, marinated in orange and pineapple juice that tastes just like your favorite takeout place.

Raspberry Cheesecake

 This Raspberry Cheesecake recipe comes together quickly and can be made ahead of time. The combination of berries and cream is a delicious treat.

Grilled Stone Fruit with Coconut Cream

Grilling this stone fruit was one of my better life decisions. They go from delicious and tasty to soft, filled with aroma and flavour and irresistible.

Blueberry Muffins

I  love muffins, but I rarely make them. I am quite new to gluten free baking and haven´t found the perfect gluten free flour that I like to use. Until now!

Dried Fruit Compote

Growing up in South Africa it seemed like prunes just magically appeared around Passover time. I could never understand why. I mean they were thrown into Tzimmes and stewed to be eaten as dessert.

Frosting: White Chocolate Buttercream

To give the traditional frosting a bit of a twist I decided to try the White Chocolate Buttercream frosting, and here’s how I did it…

Frosting: Chocolate Buttercream

I’m convinced this chocolate buttercream frosting tastes exactly like the frosting which tops the little Woolworths chocolate cupcakes.

Frosting: Cream Cheese

As mentioned in my Red Velvet Cupcakes post, cream cheese frosting just simply perfects the taste and provides the perfect balance to the richness (if that’s a word) of the cupcake. 

Frosting: Swiss Meringue Buttercream

If you haven’t attempted Swiss Meringue Buttercream, let me tell you, it is silky smooth and really melts in your mouth making it perfect for cupcakes, cakes and even cookies

Soji with style by Jameela Sayed

Soji or semolina pudding is a traditional Indian dish that is made and served as a dessert.

Soft Glazed Donuts

These donuts are very easy to make and ideal for tea time or Sunday morning breakfast.

Homemade Condensed Milk

Makes more than 1 cup of condensed milk. Store in an airtight container and refrigerate.

Double Chocolate Churros with Chill Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Double decadent delight ! Ideal to serve at parties or anytime when you want to treat yourself !


Boeka Treat recipes are tried and tested and always the winner . These version of twistees is delectable for Ramadaan and throughout the year.

Sweet Bombay Mix (Chevro/Chevda/Chivda)

Chevro (as its most commonly known in South Africa) or Bombay Mix (as it is known in the UK), is usually a savoury mix or snack that most Indian families have on their tables around Eid times.

Cheesy Sweet Savoury

This recipe was shared to me by my aunty, and I think its a great, quick, light dish to make. It fills up the table, it can be a great dish to nibble on, and has a Middle Eastern feel to it.

Jardo/Sweet Rice

I made this dish known as Jardo or sweet rice garnished with almonds, pistachios and edible roses. This dish is rich, sweet and very flavorful. You don’t have to make for lunch only it’s serves perfectly for a sweet snack or dessert.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

This one was of those “make up as I go along” recipes. I knew what I wanted to eat and had an idea of the flavour combo so I bought a pineapple and threw some things together and came up with this.

Gluten Free Donuts

Whilst the recipe is not entirely vegan, nor is it completely sugar free… it has been altered perfectly for you to enjoy somewhat guiltlessly with a hot cuppa Joe, tea or cocoa as you usher in another wintery weekend!

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