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Savoury Bagel & Cream Cheese Bread Pudding

Serve with smoked salmon and capers, if that’s your thing. If it isn’t, this bread pudding is delicious on its own.

Baby Spinach and Chicken Pasta

A simple pasta dish made with only a few spices yet tasty and mild enough for little ones. We added chilli paste/pickle to ours and it tasted so good.

South African Braaibroodtjies with Sun Dried Tomato Butter

The Braaibroodtjie of my childhood was unapologetically unsophisticated. Layers of tomato, onions, cheddar and white bread spread with butter.

Pasta Rice Salad

This pasta salad makes a quick and healthy meal. A delicious salad for anytime of the day.


If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth but still long for something creamy and delicious, then this savoury onion and tomato cheesecake is for you.

Penne Arrabbiata

Packed full of fresh, peppery, aromatic, pungent & earthy flavors. It’s yum, it’s quick, easy and it’s worth trying. So save it for that rainy day (when you’re clueless on what to cook).

Egg (Anda) Ghotala

Egg Ghotala is a flavorful, mashed egg and gravy based dish. It is a staple favourite on the streets of Gujrat.

Spicy Prawn & Tomato Sauté

While I do cook prawns as a curry in a pot with lots of sauce/gravy, I often cook my prawn dishes uncovered in a frying pan which results in a lovely sautéed dish of a much drier consistency.

Tomato Tart

A quick and easy savoury tart to impress your dinner companions.

Baid Tamat/Baith Thamath – Emirati Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes

Egg is a universal breakfast item, eaten up in various forms all across the world, isn’t it? Eggs during breakfast for me always meant a bull’s eye or umma’s style scrambled eggs.

Hot Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup

This soup is so versatile it’s open to lots of tweaking. I like my food spicy, but you can leave out the chilli, if you prefer something milder. You can use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock to make this a vegetarian dish.

Stuffed Tomatoes with Olive Oil

These stuffed tomatoes makes for a great appetizer and it’s quick and easy to prepare.

Grilled Pumpkin Salad with Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes

Always attempted Mediterranean Salad with a new twist. This time – the tomatoes offered the perfect bounty with couscous filling in to provide the perfect base for grilled pumpkin.

Braised Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes & soft Roti’s

A delicious, light and easy green bean recipe to prepare for a quick lunch during a busy day.

Simple Tomato Bruschetta

A celebration of summer’s freshest and most beautiful ingredients, combined to form one delicious appetizer.

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