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Prawn Thari Biriyani/Semolina Biriyani

Here I’m with one more Malabar delicacy! The most favorite Thari Biriyani aka semolina biriyani. Semolina is cooked in a nice spicy masala! A dish that takes less time to cook and the flavor blend is amazing!

Chicken Tehari

Tehari is an aromatic and mouthwatering rice dish popular throughout Bangladesh! When i was browsing for Bangladeshi recipes Bengali cuisine was popping out and was totally confused what to do!

Street Style Pav Bhaji (Homemade Pav Bhaji Masala Powder)

Pav Bhaji is a street style fast food made with boiled and mashed vegetables and fried on a flat with loads of spices and aromatics, tempered with butter and served hot with toasted bread rolls.

Healthy Chicken Rice

This is a simple, quick and easy rice dish that will have your family stuffing their faces at the table.

Spicy Oven Baked Chicken

The chicken was truly enjoyed. That stock that was in the pan was a joy to dig in! I literally drank it like soup and cleaned the pan with a big slice of bread, hehe. It was super delicious.

Chilli Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Chilli stir fry makes for a delicious, light, healthy summer meal. It’s quick & easy to put together. I served mine with crystals sauce.

Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biriyani

Hyderabadi Biriyani is one of the most popular biriyani dishes throughout India! The perfectly cooked basmati rice is coated with the aromatic and delicious masala which is slow cooked on dum in which all the flavors are tightly packed in itself.

Ultimate Chickpea Burger

Healthiest burger ever! Chickpea Burger to cheat your kids! If you want to make your kids have something healthy, try it this way! Their favorite meal in a healthy homemade deliciousness!

Steaky Chicken Pizza & Pizza Bites

Pizza Pizza Pizza! This is what here my son used to sing while making pizza! hehe! This one is totally different in flavors, filling and the chicken steak take it to a different stage. Simple yet luscious, cheesy and steaky!

Bengali Chicken Roast

Bengali Chicken Roast is a spicy masaledar roast with some simple ingredients! I just love the look of this roast with that big piece of roasted chicken dunked in the gravy!

Slow Cooked Pot Roast

How can you go wrong with tender meat and veggies? You just can’t!

Swedish Meatballs

Nothing can beat the taste of this Swedish meatball smothered in a creamy rich silky gravy! OMG, it tasted heavenly, like finger licking good! If you are a lover of Swedish meatball served in IKEA, then definitely this is far better than that!

Palak Murgh

Spinach chicken or Palak Murgh is one of the yummies and a flavorful dish made out of spinach!That vibrant color from the spinach and the spice blend here makes a perfect combination of gravy.

Palak Chole/Spinach & Chickpeas Curry

Palak Chole/Spinach & Chickpeas Curry is from the Punjab region of India. This delicious curry pairs well with kulchas & puris.

Harak Osba’o

Harak Osba’o is a family favorite especially when my mother is over as she does it best. It’s a Damascene style lentil sweet and sour stew topped with fried dough, onion and garlic cilantro.

Lahsuni Methi Pulao (Garlic And Fenugreek Rice)

Flavored rice infused with garlic and aromatic fresh fenugreek making it an ideal main course to be served with a nice gravy of your choice.

Portuguese Grilled Chicken Kebabs

Looking to make something light and filling in this heat this is the meal for you. You can also make mini versions for your child’s lunch box, this is great as a starter or if you’re like my family it can be lunch.

Spicy Chicken Dry Fry

This one is packed with full of flavors! The marination includes all the 3 forms of chillies in it and also lots of spices, curry leaves and many more! A typical Kerala Style fried chicken!

Mutton Karahi

This mutton karahi is a super simple quick and delicious recipe! No onion require, not much-chopping and slicing yet a finger licking recipe is here! Spicy, tangy with some bites of ginger and chilies in it.

Kadhi Pakoda

Kadhi Pakoda is a famous North Indian dish! In this dish, crispy pakoras are dunked in a rich silky yogurt and gram flour based gravy which is delicious and so comforting!

Chakoli/Tukde (An Indian One Pot Meal)

Chakoli/Tukde also known as Sutherdi in some parts of India is delicious one pot meal. And a best way to use up the leftover roti.

Chicken Changezi

Chicken changezi is a rich creamy and mouthwatering dish with silky smooth gravy! It’s a Mughlai Chicken gravy, so it is obvious for its richness and flavor.

Masala Roast Leg of Lamb

Masala Roast Leg Of Lamb recipe you’ve all been waiting for! An Indian masala based roast or a more traditional English roast and the verdict came back loud and clear – Indian!

Kabseh (Middle Eastern Rice Dish)

This right here is one of my favorite Middle Eastern rice dishes. I love the taste of the aromatic spices that goes into it. It is also so simple to make. Yes every person may have their own way of making it. This is my mama’s way and we all love it.

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