Brazilian Cheese Bread

It is so good! If you haven’t tried it, not to worry I got the recipe for you to make at home. Typically, this bread is gluten free so it make’s it even easier to modify. I hope you enjoy this recipe! It would go perfect with a steak dinner.

After School Nachos

Nachos are the perfect after school snack. I love this salsa recipe because I sneak in some veggies and the kids have no idea. It’s full of flavour and healthy too! The kids love it with my homemade cheese sauce it just makes this recipe extra yummy.

Spicy Baby Potato Roast

Spicy and delectable potatoes coated in nice masaledar caramelized onions. This is scrumptious with some Indian spices perfect for any kind of rotis!

Homemade Frozen Fries

A quick and easy way to make your own frozen fries. Easy and convenient to prepare when needed.

Cauliflower Puree

This recipe turned out super delicious, creamy and worked perfectly with dinner as a side. It is not quite as thick as mashed potato but more of a puree.

Carrot & Palak Rice

This rice is very simple to prepare with the power packed veggies carrots and spinach! Just saute everything in a pot with mild spices, stir in the rice and pour boiled water. Simmer and boil it tada, your rice is ready!

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I made these honey roasted brussels sprouts for dinner and they were super easy to whip up before work. It’s the perfect healthy side with any meal really. 

Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Goes perfectly well with burgers, chicken strips and fried chicken.

‘Casabe’ – Crispy Cassava Bread

When I lived in Florida, I used to go to this amazing Latin American supermarket where they sold the most amazing crispy cassava bread called ‘Casabe’, which was made with only one ingredient, cassava.

Fig & Cheese Galette

This amazing sweet and savory treat is perfect for the autumn days ahead. A crispy outside with an oozing gooey inside, the sweet juicy fig with the salty delicious cheese…a perfect dish.

Homemade Toast Bread

Toast bread two ways. I made this bread recently, plain and cinnamon…it’s simply yummy on it’s own or as a side dish.

Broccoli and Cheddar Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Makes for a great appetizer, side dish or even for lunch.

Dragon Chicken

An Indo-Chinese style deep fried chicken sauteed in spicy chili based sauce and served as an appetizer or as a side dish to any main course.

Green Kheema Masala

Green Kheema Masala is a delicious Indian recipe that can be served as a side dish or main.

Turkish Cheese & Za’atar Pide

A dish that makes for an ideal appetizer or even as a side.

Grilled Peach & Mint Burrata Salad

This grilled peach and mint burrata salad is packed full of summer flavours and perfect as a side dish or a light summer meal.

Shrimp Avocado Salad

A delicious, super easy shrimp avocado salad. It’s the perfect appetizer or side dish to any meal. It even makes for an ideal lunch that can be made ahead of time.

Beetroot Hummus

Arabic style regular Chickpea dip made more healthy by adding steamed beetroot for extra flavors and rich vibrant color.

Hasselback Potatoes

These hasselback potatoes are tender and have crisp edges and great flavor. They will make a great addition on any dinner table.

Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Flatbread

A flatbread that’s ideal for lunch and goes well with as a side dish.

Quick & Easy Baked Potato

This is great as a side dish or as a meal on it’s on own with some salad. Ideal as a month end meal or when the purse strings are in pain !

Plain Noodle Salad

Quick and easy noodle salad to be used as a side dish with BBQ’s & Braai or ideal on its own as a ‘before payday meal”!

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

These stuffed portobello mushrooms looks almost as pretty as a well dressed cupcake. Stuffed with cauliflower & kale rice and topped with 3 cheeses. Yum!

Spicy Hummus

A quick and easy healthy dip made of chickpeas

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Garlic breads are certainly a favorite for all.Nothing can beat the taste of fresh garlic and herbs using in it. It’s totally a comfort food and a quick snacking idea.

Fried Potato Wedges

Potato wedges can vary with different flavours & styles. Most wedges are coated & cooked in the oven which are also great, but I find these fried wedges super yum & easy to prepare

Instant Savory Tart

Simple and fancy looking treat that whip up in no time, that’s the kind of recipes we all are looking for isn’t it?

Mooli Paratha

A traditional Punjabi flatbread stuffed with a spicy radish filling.

Szechwan Fried Rice

Szechwan is a style of Chinese Cuisine originating from Sichuan province in southwestern China. It has bold flavours and particularly the spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chillies.

Date Pistachio & Cardamom Braided Bread

This bread is perfect as an appetizer but it also goes well as a side dish to your main course.

Egg Paratha

This paratha is stuffed with juicy spicy scrambled egg which is easy to pack and a mess-free finger food for kids to have.

Savoury Bread

A bread for any occasion. Makes for the perfect side dish or even as an appetizer.

Potato Nuggets

Cheesy potato nuggets are an exquisite option for kids lunch box or snacking ideas! These crispy flavorful nuggets are so yum as it is or as a sandwich filling along with some other veggies and spread!

Potato Pakoras

These Pakoras are so simple to prepare, & they taste so good! Crispy on the outside & fluffy on the inside. This is a great snack & can also be enjoyed as a side to many meals.


South African food without a basic pap recipe, are you kidding?!?

Paneer Capsicum Rice

This is perfect for the lunch boxes for your kids, since it comes together in no time. There is no chopping of onion and tomato, though you may add it if you like. I like to keep things simple!

Corn Bread Topped With Peppers

This is really delicious and such a versatile bread. Best served hot with jams and even better plain!

Cheesy Garlic Rolls

These tasty rolls makes for a great side and appetizer.

Baked Potato with Saucy Chicken

Who doesn’t love baked potatoes. Topped with saucy chicken fillet and cheese it’s meal that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Fried Rice

This fragrantly fried rice dish goes well as side to any meal.

Palestinian Beef Pinwheels

Palestinian meat pinwheels, Arabic flavour…crispy flaky pastry with meat filling.

Lauki Ka Raita – Bottle Gourd Raita

Lauki ka Raita/Bottle gourd Raita is a simple side dish made of two ingredient. This easy and simple dish can be paired with plain rice or paratha.


These cheesy pinwheels makes for a great side dish to any main course. They’re are so delicious you can have it on it’s own as well.

Lemon Rice

A light and fluffy lemon rice that pairs perfectly with any seafood dish and could be enjoyed on its own as well.

Rice Salad

A perfect dish to be served as s side or as a snack on its own, makes for a lovely light meal.

Potato Bake

This potato bake dish is fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Just a lovely side to any main course.

Mushroom Sauce

A sauce so delicious it can accompany almost any meal.

Healthy Sweet Potatoes by Jameela Sayed

Quick and easy to make. Serve with roast or with the Healthy Tomato Puree Chicken. Enjoy !

Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

This side dish can be served with meat or on its own. Delicious on toasted garlic bread and really quick to make. 

Flaky Roti

Roti is one of the many types of indian flat breads originating from the Indian subcontinent. In India it is a staple accompaniment to most of their meals.

Turkish Pide

The Turkish Flatbread is the perfect solution for an easy meal or snack. Just like flatbread or pizza, the toppings can be adapted according to your craving or preference.


This roti is so fluffy and easy to make, It is flaky and soft and you would want to have it every night for supper. My children just loves them. Serve with any of your favourite curries or use it to make your savoury wraps.

Potato Roses

Adding a floral touch to your everyday cooking with these beautiful potato roses.

Chicken Lagan

Some dishes are so versatile they lend themselves to being interpreted in many different ways and making them your own. A Mealie (Corn) Lagan is one such dish. It is much like a crustless quiche but with a little more substance.

Chatpata Popcorn

Savoury popcorn which is spicy, tangy and crunchy,It tasted amazingly good! You have to try this recipe I promise you won’t be eating your popcorn any other way! 

Vegetable Masala

Vegetable Masala is so simple and easy to make, its very hearty, filling and delicious. You eat with Chapati (Roti) in a Panini, in a Jacket Potato or even as a side to anything else.

Garlic Parsley Rolls

These flavourful rolls are the perfect side for any main course or have it with a lovely warm bowl of soup.

Thai Mango & Pineapple Salad

This Thai Mango & Pineapple Salad makes for a great side dish for a braai/BBQ. Its really quick & easy to whip up and a crowd pleaser! With all the beautiful varieties of mangoes out right now its the perfect go to salad to make.

Mango and Couscous Salad

Make the most of Mangos when in season. Our Lime & Coriander Dressing does make a big difference, as it cuts the sweetness of the mango and binds the grains of couscous. The nuts are great for texture.

Peri Peri Spicy Rice

This dish can be served as a side dish or as a starter. It is very tasty and best served hot.

Spinach and Red Pepper Dip

This spinach and red pepper dip is filled with only nutritional ingredients, and it’s super tasty! Served cold, so you can make this dip ahead and have it ready for whenever the “hunger” strikes. Enjoy it with some veggies or chips!

Barbeque Chicken Wings

These BBQ chicken wings have been ‘Indianified & Asianified’ a bit as it’s versatile to suite almost anyone’s pallet. These chicken wings are a perfect side dish or you could have them for lunch and dinner.

Thikki Puri

These puri’s are crunchy yet full of flavour & best enjoyed as a snack. They are perfect for your Eid table. They are so delicious you’d want to have them before Eid.

Hasselback Potatoes

Crispy garlic and butter hasselback potatoes, the crisp edging gives a nice change to the standard baked potatoes and works perfect when topped with sour cream and chives.

Moroccan Cauliflower Couscous with Cherries and Apricots

 A great alternative to traditional couscous is cauliflower couscous. I didn’t believe it for myself until I started playing around with it.

Cauliflower Steaks with Goat’s Cheese & Pine Nuts

I’ve really been enjoying whole roasted cauliflowers. They are succulent, full of flavour and look like a dream. This makes an amazing main dish, or pairs well as a side with pan-fried chicken or baked fish.

Curried Baked Beans

Say Goodbye to Bland and Tasteless Baked Beans. This Curried Baked Beans, is a simple, nutritious and delicious way to prepare Baked Beans.

Parmesan and Garlic Smashed Potatoes

There can never be ‘too many ways’ to serve this humble little tuber right? And These smashed potatoes, belong right up there in your recipe archives, together with my Tangy Mashed Potato, Potato Hotties or the Easy Roast Potatoes.

Baby Veg

These veggies are great side dish for any main course for any occasion.

Cold Creamy Potato Salad

Mum (Aysh Dok) got this recipe on one of the groups on facebook and made this for a family braai/bbq one weekend. It was different from the baked potato side dish we usually have or the normal crisp green salad.

Cream Kebabs

These Kebabs are tangy, juicy and really delicious.

Homemade Buns

I truly believe that these homemade buns are better than the shop bought. It’s soft and fluffy and it can be eaten as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Dynamite Shrimps

A dish that’s great as a snack or a perfect appetizer before your main course.

Grilled Garlic Bread

I love this dish! It is so easy to make and so quick. Goes incredibly well with braai/bbq, and now with summer in full swing on my side of the world, this would go great for family and friend occasions.

Spanish Rice (Friday Lunch)

The week goes by so fast, Friday to Friday comes and it gets so hard to come with a new dish for lunch! This is my favorite rice dish and it’s super easy and quick to make. It’s defiantly different from the biryani or akni or dhal.

Cheat Tortilla Lamb Samosas

I can’t think of anything better to munch on than a samosa when it comes to snacking!


Sweet milk balls covered in cardamom flavored milk.


Now at home this is called “Choti Mummy’s Tukras” and its a home recipe that my mum and nani (granny) love to eat so today I shall be sharing it with you all.

Batata Vada

Batata Vada is a scrumptious snack made by making balls of mashed potatoes, mixed with spices then dipping the balls in a chickpeas flour batter and deep-frying them. Golden and crispy on the outside, divinely delicious on the inside.

Jardo/Sweet Rice

I made this dish known as Jardo or sweet rice garnished with almonds, pistachios and edible roses. This dish is rich, sweet and very flavorful. You don’t have to make for lunch only it’s serves perfectly for a sweet snack or dessert.

Feta Chicken Balls (Ramadaan Savoury)

These feta chicken balls are the perfect savoury for iftaar during the month of Ramadaan.

Jeera Rice

This is one of the easiest seasoned rice dishes that anyone can cook.

Pepper Steak Pies

With the holy month of Ramadaan around the corner, having savouries with your soup is a must. These pies are the perfect savoury for iftaar time.

Jalapeño Poppers

I won’t lie I had never tried a Jalapeno Popper before and I had been seeing it all over my social media so I had to give it a try. I will say I love it as a side dish, snack or even a light meal because it is filling (depending on what you stuff it with).

Dali Bora (Lentil Fritters)

These fritters have to be without a doubt one of the most consumed snacks during Ramadan in the vast majority of Bangladeshi households, they’re called fiyazi/fiyaza in Bengali.

Spinach and Feta Pinwheels

I decided pinwheels would be nice and made a quick filling and rolling it into some pastry and a new crowd-pleaser was born.

Afelia’s Spinach Mushroom Savoury Tarts

This recipe doesn’t rely on strong flavours (except for maybe the cheese) which is one of the reasons why it tastes so delicious, the simple flavours of the ingredients work really well and result in a tart that is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Pizza Puffs

I happened upon this recipe in 2011. It’s become a firm favourite in my family. It’s tasty and quick to prepare.

Afelia’s Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread made with olive oil and yeast, it is often flavoured with herbs, garlic, caramelised onions, tomatoes or cheese. It’s soft, fluffy and delicious and makes a perfect side dish to a main meal or can be served with dips to snack on.

Cheesy Chicken Cutlets

Also called spaghetti balls. It’s unsurprisingly become a regular savoury during Ramadaan since it’s so quick and easy to make. What this is is comfort food. Pure and simple comfort food.

Chicken Marshmallow (Ramadaan Savoury)

No it’s not actually a marshmallow lol it’s not a sweet savoury, however it is as soft as toasted marshmallow when this savoury is fried, bit hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

Tomato Tart

A quick and easy savoury tart to impress your dinner companions.

Sticky Ginger Soy Chicken Niblets

These Sticky Ginger Soy Chicken Niblets are a real crowd pleaser, but best of all they are super easy to make.

Crispy Tandoori Fish Bites

Crispy Tandoori Fish Bites are perfect and easy snacks for holiday entertaining and one to make note of for Ramadan/iftar/Eid.

Savoury Chicken Puffs

Here’s a quick & easy Savoury/Lunchbox…or even light meal idea. Crispy pastry topped with Saucy chicken cubes, olives & a sprinkle of sesame seeds. I pre baked my squares then topped them.

Dahi Vada (Lentil Dumplings Soaked In Creamy Yogurt Sauce)

Dahi Vada is a popular snack in South Asia. It is prepared by soaking vadas in thick dahi.

Crispy Sweet Puris

Food is the ingredient that binds us together.