Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread Whipped Cream

This homemade version is my new favourite winter drink. We start with a simple mix using cocoa powder, cornflour, sugar and dark chocolate.

Chai Iced Tea with Five Roses

Five Roses and FreshPak Rooibos Tea were kind enough to gift me their new teas to experiment with as I am a tea lover by nature, and I came up with this Chai infused tea.

Indian Masala Chai

Not only is this Indian Masala Chai delicious, the spices used come with a wealth of benefits. The immunity-boosting clove and ginger will help you keep a cough away.

Cookie Butter Coffee (Lotus Coffee)

A delicious indulging cup of coffee made out of instant coffee, milk and cookie butter…YES no kidding! Very indulging indeed.

Gingerbread Latte

For those chilly stay-in nights, perfect winter warmer drink.

Vegan Cardamom Coffee

While taking a break from my stress I made this vegan coffee that tasted so delicious and was the perfect “me time” moment that I needed to recenter myself.

Italian Hot Chocolate

An Italian hot chocolate that doubles up as a neat and sweet chocolate pudding – the perfect cross between a chocolate mousse and a chocolate ganache.

Vegan Oatmeal Latte

A creamy, hearty breakfast of this Vegan Oatmeal Latte is a wonderful start to the day! Its a healthy shot of caffeine without any refined sugar! Yum!

Sneaky Hot Chocolate

Made without any refined sugar and just a few simple ingredients, this is one of our go to hot drinks to enjoy together!

Iced Coffee and Beach Days

It’s not an overly sweet drink even with the condensed milk, though you could always adjust the sweetness and the addition of a little bit of chocolate, makes it so good!

Healthy Guilt-free Hot Chocolate

Guilt free hot chocolate for the soul. Healthy, sugar free and so delicious!

Mango Iced Tea

Mango Iced Tea is a delicious, sweet and tangy refreshing beverage that is the most perfect in the heat of summer.

Guava Iced Tea

Guava also known as Peru/Jamfal/Amarud in India, it has lots of name. Guava is very high in roughage and rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, and it has no cholesterol and a low number of digestible carbohydrates.

Iced Rooibos Tea with Apple

Iced tea is refreshing on a hot day, but too much sugar is not a good idea. We decided to use apple juice as a sweetener, but if you absolutely must, add 2 T (30ml) honey.

Iced Rooibos Tea with Orange, Lemon & Ginger

A healthy and refreshing drink to serve throughout the meal.

The Rooibos Refresher

A cooling, refreshing summer mocktail incorporating the unique South African flavour of rooibos and lemongrass and lime citrus notes.

Cappuccino Falooda by Jameela Sayed

The popular Ramadaan beverage, with a twist. This is my version of the falooda…the cappuccino version.

The Best of Both, Fruit-Tea

Nothing better than a refreshing fruity drink on a warm day!


Bicerin is a famous Italian drink dating back to the 17th century. This drink is typically layered and works well when you have a professional machine, but since we’re making it at home, I just mix my espresso and hot chocolate together.

Tummy tamer tea

Anytime anyone is my house gets a tummy ache this drink is what I turn to. It’s an amazing cure for several things. I always add a lemon slice in mine when I allow it to steep which really makes it taste great.

Loz haleeb

The drink itself has no caffeine in it, so it’s a nice treat for everyone and it should always be served with little spoons so the almonds can be scooped up, it’s pretty delicious.

Colombian hot chocolate

Since T and I are big hot chocolate drinkers I immediately got up and had to try this out. I thought for sure that chocolate and just water would be horrible, but if an entire country loves it, I had to at least give it a try.


Karkadeh (hibiscus tea) is a herbal tea made as an infusion from crimson or deep magenta-coloured calyces of the roselle flower.

Iced Peppermint Green Tea

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as an iced tea…add a bit of peppermint to give it an extra kick.

Hibiscus & Rose Tea

A stunning and refreshing floral drink to cool off with in the intense heat of summer days.